Monday, 2 January 2012

Me and My Stupid Resolutions

           The festive season is over and we are finally getting back to the harsh realities of life. Before 2011 concluded some of us made resolutions that we hope to fulfill in this year. Some of our resolutions were long lists while for some they were only three lines. I personally have to admit I have been thinking a lot about what my resolutions should be. I have an overview of what my goals for this year are. However, like every other year, there seems to be resolutions that appear everytime. Once again in 2011 I miserably failed to fulfill them. This has left me wondering where did it all go wrong?
            After much soul searching and self inspection I was able to pin point where I had failed. You see in 2010 everyone was so ambitious and wishing me a prosperous new year. I rode that wave of well wishes and immediately thought that I could accomplish anything. Therefore I made the resolutions believing that come 2012 I will have a good report of 2011. Alas if this was an exam I think I could have been bordering on a C. My first point of failure is that I did not write down my resolutions. I had them all in my head, how brilliant of me. I thought only people with puny brains and short memories need to write their resolutions and I did not fall into that category. However, I fold my tail and admit that I actually should have written them down, this is because they would have been my point of reference. Each time I would open my laptop I would be reminded of what I wrote down at the beginning of the year. With nothing written down, I was unable to have a point of reference except what was floating in my mind. The resolution in my mind did change on numerous times.
            One of my major resolutions was to complete a book I have been working on for the last five years. It is still uncompleted. I have then discovered the reason for this, like many other people who make resolutions we do not really set out a plan on how we are going to achieve that goal. In my case the resolution was simply  to complete the book but I really did not state or plan out how exactly I was going to achieve that target. In hind sight I should have written that I would attempt completing at least a chapter every two weeks, put in a time frame, and constantly review this plan to check if I am on track.
            So once again as part of my 2012 resolutions one of them is to complete the book. However, it is different this time around because I am actually making a road map on how exactly I am going to do that. I am hoping that come 2013 this resolution will not appear. If for any reason it does, then I guess it is just a stupid resolution and it is time I scrap it off all together. Happy 2012!!

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