Monday, 30 April 2012

Our Weakness For Get Rich Quick Schemes

We all want to rich someone day, have a big house, nice car and never have to worry about money. Like there are many ways to climb a mountain so are there many ways to making money. Some people will inherit the wealth, some will get a job and hope to get rich (it rarely happens), some will start a business, some will steal and then there are those who play the lottery.
Recently there has been an emergence of get rich quick schemes that has slowly begun to envelope this country. It was not long ago that the Bank of Zambia requested a group calling itself LWESA to discontinue its operations in what was viewed to be a pyramid scheme. It is called a pyramid scheme because of the structure of the same business. 1 person sells certificates to 3 individuals and those 3 individuals each sell to 3 other individuals and its goes on like that. This is in hopes of getting a commission when you have sold enough certificates. There was a promise of invest a small amount of money and reap amazing high returns.
Then walking along Cairo Road in Lusaka is beginning to be a hassle. You are swerving and swaying while constantly avoiding the men who always want to give you a piece of paper. I have occasionally gotten these papers somehow hoping to find something different. However, I still find the same things, if I have sexual problems I should get in touch with Dr. Uche, if I want to win a court case get in touch with Dr. Uche or if I want to be rich I should get in touch with Dr. Uche. These so-called doctors have mushroomed around Lusaka all claiming that they have the power to make me rich. Yeah right why would you want to share that knowledge? Unfortunately, there are a number of people who have tried many other options such as looking for a job but to no avail, their businesses have collapsed, they feel their prayers aren’t answered hence the last resort would be to visit Dr. Uche.
We cannot forget the email that is randomly sent to your box. A heartfelt preamble is written about how a woman’s father died and left millions of dollars in a Benin bank and needs your help to withdraw the cash. Then she says that when the money is in your account you can share the cash. She requests that you send her your personal account details where the money will be deposited. Apart from this email scam, the next one is that of text messages. A strange international number says that your number has been picked to win some great prize money and you should call the number. Honestly, if they are giving you $5 million they should be rich enough to inform you by calling instead of sending you a text.
Despite most of these scams being so obvious well to me, some people have fallen victims and have ended up losing their money. Some people do not want to work for their wealth, they want it be handed to them on a silver platter. They do not want to take to the grind, break sweat or actually do something but they expect to have money the next day. When we see successful people some are under the impression that they stumbled upon their riches or that they were an overnight success. Simply look at the Chipolopolo Boys victory at the AFCON that was years of preparation, we forget that they spent countless hours in the gym, kicking the ball on the pitch, experiencing some painful losses before they eventually lifted the cup in 2012. For one reason or another some are still strong bent that they can get rich quickly. Hence, they become easy prey to be swindled. We usually choose to switch off our intuition that tells us that this is a scam and allow ourselves to be taken for the ride.
Detecting a get rich quick scheme in this day and age should not be complicated. There is always someone else who has been swindled before it eventually got to you, therefore it is important that you do your research. Even if the offer comes from a trusted person such as a friend or a relative always double check the information. Avoid making an impulse decision out of excitement at the prospect of becoming the next millionaire. It would not hurt if you simply asked for more time to critically think about it. Get on the internet and find out if there is more information about the same business deal, ask friends and think logically. By then you should be able to know whether it is a genuine money making venture or one of those get rich quick schemes. There is a general rule that floats around, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”
Scammers are very innovative individuals who keep evolving their scams in an attempt to meet their victim’s needs. If getting rich is what you want, they will devise schemes to meet that need. It will always appear genuine and appeal to your desire to get rich quickly. It is always easy to block out all common sense even if it slaps you in the face. This is why it is recommended that you consult about such matters especially if it has to do with parting away with your money. It is important to not give your account details and debit card numbers to just anyone who asks for them. Finally, if you want to get rich you need to understand that it is a process whether it is by kicking a ball you need to be on the pitch, singing you need to be in the studio or by business then start investing. It is time that we stop relying on get rich quick schemes to bring us fortune.


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