Sunday, 8 April 2012

What Irritates Me About Facebook

            Facebook has slowly ingrained itself into our daily lives. It has revolutionised the way we communicate with one another. It has made it possible for us to speak to relatives thousands of kilometres away without having to visit the post office or make an expensive phone call. Facebook has been harnessed by some for business purposes and has been an excellent avenue for networking. I personally have used Facebook to earn some extra cash in my pocket. However, there are certain things about Facebook that irritate me to the bone.

            I do understand that Facebook has allowed many people to make hundreds of friends. How many of those are genuine friends is another debate all together. Facebook has somehow managed to create a fallacy of friendship. I have people who were school mates and I am sure we were not friends. We did not even in as much greet each other then boom on Facebook we are talking like we are long lost friends and best buddies. It is always easier to have a chat when the only thing you are looking at is the monitor or the screen of your laptop. It almost feels plastic when you are forced to start a chat when there really isn’t much to talk about. But it doesn’t hurt if finally that girl you were eyeing starts talking to you, you can have access to their albums, photos. Awe I am not talking about stalking here.
            Facebook brings with it people with different characters and mentalities. I am having a difficult time putting up with few characters. I know that Facebook statuses are fun to post and it is always good to see the number of comments your status can generate. This has forced many people to dig deep within their creative juices in order to conjure up something worth posting. The problem is that some Facebook users have taken this too far hence the source of my irritation.
·         Buy A Diary
I do not mind knowing what is happening in my friends and families lives once in the while. However, just because I want to know, it does not mean you have to dish it all out in the open. I am sure the diary industry has seen a tumble in their sales. This is because many people have by some genius thought decided to turn Facebook into their personal diaries. They have become generous with every detail of their lives and they have not left any stone unturned. I could probably write their biography all from the information on Facebook. They post that they have woken up, what they had for breakfast, what daddy said in the morning, they are going to class, they just got dumped, they are crying, they cannot get over him, they miss him, they will be just fine, they have met another guy. Atase. Spare us the drama there is some information that you just do not tell the whole world. I do not know whether these people think that there are shrinks on Facebook or maybe it is some kind of therapy session. If you are in the habit of doing this let me remind you that once it is on Facebook your information will become public. Also make use of a little thing called, message. Then some even go to the extent of criticising their bosses and their work places, this is one of the dumbest things to do. Many people around the world have been fired for what they posted in regards to their work. Unless you want to join that list please go ahead and air your companies and bosses dirty laundry we will read.
·         Get A Life
Then you have those friends who I think suffer from low self esteem or are always looking for approval. I love to read the good news that is happening in your life and I will celebrate your successes with you. The only problem is that some tend to go overboard. They tend to gloat and make arrogant statements which are always too self-centred. They will tell us they got a pay rise, they have too much money they do not know how to spend it, they are tired of changing cars, blah, blah, blah and all that nonsense. We get the point! These are people who always seek for people to envy them and when no one comments on the post, they will keep posting it until someone makes a comment.
·         Why On Earth Did You Tag Me?
There is nothing that irritates me more than someone tagging me in an obscene or offensive picture. Last week someone tagged me in a very obscene picture. What the hell? In case some people do not know some of us have got reputations to maintain, therefore tagging me in such is a definite no go area. I mean you should know who you can tag in certain pictures and who you cannot. Honestly you cannot go and tag everyone on your friend list. Each time I kept un-tagging myself from the pictures this chap kept tagging me in other pictures. It is just that my French is not so good enough otherwise I would have given him a few words.
           In conclusion, Facebook is definitely here to stay and it does not look like we will be leaving it soon. Therefore, it is important that we live in harmony. For the people who desire to tell the whole world their problems buy a diary. The people with low self esteem find other ways to feel good about yourselves instead of boring us. For the chaps in the habit of tagging people anyhow, if I am not in the picture, the picture is not funny, the picture is not appropriate for a 10 year-old to view then do not bother tagging me in it. Or I will be using the unfriend button very often.

What irritates you about Facebook?


  1. lol, i love this!! Iwe, not even mentioning me some? Sure that will come on, "what i love about facebook". Nice one

  2. Thanks Zed lols. Definitely when I decide to write that piece you will definitely feature

  3. hahaha, i love this!! so TRUE!!!

  4. Facebook irritates me too! I'm a middle aged woman and after much pressure from friends the same age as me, I joined. But, OH, I didn't realise people my age had such a desperate need to show off, brag etc. etc. I've found the people with the most photos, the most comments on everything they've done each and every day from start to finish must, in reality have no life at all. I've ditched it now and feeling much better about the fact that I couldn't possibly keep up with all the stuff that my facebook 'friends', are competing, I mean doing!! Many of these friends I haven't seen in many years. Oh, and friends of mine who share 'reality' are all doing fine without Facebook too.

  5. Hi Anonymous, Facebook can be annoying. I think the trick is not to spend too much time on it. It still is a handy tool for communicating with friends and family miles away