Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Hell Run Is Back

Accident scene
Some people have said that the truck should not have moved off the road and the truck should have hit into the Landcruiser. For others, the truck driver should have swerved the other direction and not the direction of the bus. The old man is purely to blame for the accident. Then there are those who are blaming the road and advocating that it should be turned into a dual carriageway. I personally agree with the transformation of the road into a dual carriageway. The Great North Road probably claims more lives than any other road in the country. Once upon a time it was popularly known as the ‘Hell Run’. The Hell Run was the infamous stretch between Kapiri Mposhi and Tunduma in Tanzania. It cannot be disputed that this road holds great importance to our nation, and it is still a mystery how it has remained the same for decades despite the level of traffic on it.
Great North Road
It really did not have to take 51 people to die for the bulb to light up in someone’s brain that the road needs to be expanded. The President does not need to make a pronouncement before our roads can be made safer. This is simply being reactive and not proactive. Is it that difficult for people with the authority and responsibility to do what they should be doing? The Great North Road is not the only road that needs attention but I can bet you it will only grab attention when mass people die on it. I can only pray that the ambitious Link Zambia 8000 road project will be fulfilled. This country is in desperate need of a major road overhaul and let us hope that it will not only remain a wish.

I do admit that the road cannot be blamed entirely in the tragic accident; there are a number of factors that led to it. Even though we may ask many questions some of the answers we may never get, the Great North Road cannot be removed from the equation. It has now become a matter of urgency that issue of expanding the road is addressed. The President declared three days of national mourning, when that is done may we please do something to make our roads safer.


  1. I have been saddened by the development of road accidents on our roads. Just today THE POST Newspapers Courier vehicle hit into the ZAMBIA-MALAWI Bus.

  2. Brenda indeed it is so sad that the accidents are happening almost on a daily basis now. I think there also needs to be some driver sensitisation and road markings and signs redone and made more visible