Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ready 4 Marriage Amplified Misses the Mark

There are things in my blogging life that I have to tolerate. One of which is sitting through some shows that typically in my old life I would not bother to give an ounce of my sacred time. However, knowing that I do have readers who would love to know about some of these matters, I am forced to discuss them from an experience point of view. The particular programme in point is Muvi TV's Ready 4 Marriage. The show, this time around has lost its shine and the guys are to blame for it.

The brain child of the late Augustine Lungu, originally allowed women to compete against each other for a fully sponsored wedding to the ultimate winner and it has developed a very loyal following.  It must be a highly rated show for Muvi TV and this has prompted the need to modify it, in order to keep it relevant. This year they decided to call it Ready 4 Marriage Amplified which was another attempt to shake things up. Instead of just the ladies competing alone their fiancĂ©s have also been allowed to tag along. Big blunder. The show is boring, just hand me sleeping pill.

This time around last year when the former sex workers were on the show there was already enough drama happening to fill an entire season of Isidingo. Former lovers wanting their exes back, accusations of an already married contestant, revelations of HIV statuses, drama just kept on coming. It is all these, that make up a good show. However, so far on this current season we have been denied any of the juicy indiscretions of the contestants.  Anyway what would I expect from a sweets loving couple to a couple who are just leaving their teens.

The major reason though for such a lacklustre performance is that the ladies are not as free to air their views maybe because they have their would-be husbands next to them. You can always count on some women to have a slip of the tongue, reveal some secret, say something ridiculous or even have a cat fight on national television. Kidding about the last one, but my point is this bunch of contestants are just too boooring and predictable!!! We men do not like to discuss our issues. We barely do that with our friends, why on earth would we do so on national television. The host Master Chimbala's desperate attempts to squeeze out whatever additional information he can, has been met with one word responses or an embarrassed smile. Take for instance when they are asked what challenges they have faced in their relationships. All the responses hide the truth, like "We have communication problems." Duh don't all relationships have these at some point? What we really what to hear is this, "My fiancé was once upon a time a cheating bastard and it took some panel beating to keep him faithful." Or "Can you imagine the pain I felt when I discovered that I am not the father of her daughter." The moon would have to drop before we hear that from these contestants.

I bet if the men were taken out of the equation this might have been a good show.  I have duly performed my duty in informing you on what to expect from this seasons Ready 4 Marriage Amplified. I will no longer be tuning in to watch couples give each other lollipops which warrant them to be called Sweetie for your sake. I might as well go to Arcades and watch couples holding that might be more entertaining. Let me know when a couple split-up, an ex-girlfriend rudely interrupts at the studio or nasty habits begin to be revealed. I wonder how many of my readers who are fans of the show agree with me.


  1. i've never sat through this show, never been a fan of reality shows like these anyway but I did enjoy reading this piece. thanks for a fun read!