Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Gabon Disaster Heroes National Stadium. Serious?

Old Trafford, Camp Nou, San Siro, Maracana, Royal Bafokeng, Allianz Arena, Nkoloma, then some genius just had to go and put Gabon Disaster Heroes National Stadium to this glorious list of stadium names.  I am still dumbfounded at how the new ultramodern stadium can be bestowed such a name. The naming of this stadium is a perfect example why God gave us different talents, the creativity of naming places was not given to the person who was responsible for naming this stadium. Honestly, of all the names that are out there why pick on this one, WHY?
Model of the Stadium

First we had 90 Days Legacy Swimming Pool, we forgave them for that. Now they are just doing this to annoy us, Gabon Disasters Heroes National Stadium is a joke of a name. Can someone please remind whoever came up with this that this is July and April Fools passed three months ago. I would really like to understand what goes on during the naming process. Do they just say mention the first thing that comes to their mind? Do you they say give us the most ludicrous name you can come up with or is it normal names are not allowed as suggestions? Because clearly the naming process of these venues is definitely in the wrong hands and for the entire cabinet to approve this name, I am very worried. There is no one in the entire cabinet who would have questioned the creativity, even putting the options to a nationwide vote was not considered. Maybe I should not wish to hear what the other options were if this is the best they could come up with.

The Stadium Next to Matero, (yes that is what I am calling it I will refuse to call it by that horrible name if it stays), is supposed to be a fortress, a pride of the City of Lusaka. It needs a name that rolls off the lips easily, one that has flair and for lack of a better word, one that sexy. Heroes Stadium, Heroes Place, Champions Ground, 30 Heroes Stadium, suitable names are abundant.  Imagine telling the other teams that they are coming to play at Gabon Disaster Heroes National Stadium; they will think they are being sacrificed. Do not be shocked if they come with holy water, and speak in all manner of tongues just before they step onto that pitch, even worse petition FIFA from playing in a stadium that bears that name, awe kwena Zambia get serious.

I fully appreciate the fact that we need to honour the players who served this country with pride. The Gabon Disaster was a dark cloud and please do not give us a constant reminder of that tragic day each time Chipolopolo plays in Lusaka. We could have definitely found a more befitting name to honor them than the one approved. We need to seriously petition this name, if other countries can take nationwide votes to name a ball, what more a stadium. Surely we have creative minds in this country that can come up with names miles better than what has been thrown at us. Until then I cannot wait to watch the first Chipolopolo game at the Stadium Next to Matero.


  1. Frustrated brother, chances are that the same "genius" who named the swimming pool is responsible for this name. The absolute lack of creativity and awkwardness of the name defies belief that I am still in denial as to whether this is actually the case. I remember last year how the British public railed on Newcastle owner Mike Ashley for renaming St James Park as the Sports Direct Arena, he must be looking at Zambia and thinking, "what was that all about".

    Someone please redress this as soon as possible.

    1. Keith, he really must be thinking that what's the fuss about, indeed. This do it all attitude that people want to have is very bad, let people who are good at what they do, do what they do best. The naming of a stadium does not need to be complicated. This name needs to erased.

  2. It clearly shows that there is seriously a lack of creative people on the panel that sat & approved such a name for a stadium that we are supposed to be proud of. What in God's name was this person thinking?
    Let the people think outside the box when it comes to things that involve the nation. Why can't we emulate other countries? South Africa involved its people when they decided to change street names & there we are letting a person name one of the most important venues in our country......

    Zambia let's wake up!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous, the thought of naming this Stadium that name should be a crime. We cannot be proud of a stadium with such a horrid name. It is also my point exactly, why werent we given the opportunity to vote on a name.