Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Don't Buy VIP Tickets

Whenever I am attending a concert or any other show, I have one simple rule. Never buyVIP tickets. When I attended the Loyiso Gola comedy show at Government Complex this past Friday, it only validated my simple rule- Never buy VIP tickets. It would be in your best interest too, to follow this rule. It is not that I am against having VIP tickets, but experience has shown VIPs are not appreciated much.

VIP (Very Important Person) is usually a category that you have at concerts and other shows. It is to separate them from the ordinary masses. The VIP tickets are often twice the price of the ordinary tickets and it is believed that you will receive preferential treatment. It implies that you will not have to queue up, sit closer to the stage, and have a complementary drink (if you are lucky) but that is it. Quite frankly, if I am going to be paying double the price then it better have some additional perks than just that.

There have been countless horror stories of people who have paid for VIP tickets only to be mixed with the rest of the ordinary ticket holders. South African comedian, Loyiso Gola’s show at Government Complex was no different. An ordinary ticket was K100 while a VIP ticket was K200. It was organised by Rock FM and they did a terrible job at marketing it if I may add.  Both the ordinary and VIP tickets holders did not have to queue up to enter the building due to the poor turn out, then the VIPs had a complimentary Dragon energy drink the ordinary tickets holders had nothing. The VIP ticket holder could sit closer to the stage while the ordinary tickets holders were farther away from it. However, by the time Loyiso came on stage which was two hours later than indicated on the ticket, the MC had told the ordinary ticket holders to move closer and occupy the VIP ticket seats. Hello, what the hell, that was not right. The difference between an ordinary ticket and a VIP ticket could not just be the complimentary drink in my hand. VIP ticket holders absolutely felt cheated in a major way. Even if there were empty seats, they should have remained empty and the ordinary tickets holders should have remained where they were, otherwise the VIP ticket holders should have been refunded.
Loyiso chatting to the crowd

Now, people have introduced VVIP tickets which are more expensive than VIP tickets, over my dead body before I purchase one of those. VIP is usually not VIP. It is just a nice initiative for event organisers to dupe us into parting away with our hard earned cash. There should be more appreciation for those who are paying for a VIP ticket apart from the fact that they do not have to line up to enter the building. They should be rolling out the red carpet, we should have backstage access, the performer should be high-fiving us, the ordinary ticket holders should wait for us to walk out when the show is over, and the organisers should dish out autographed memorabilia. I know I am pushing the limit on some of the requests but you get the picture.

Event organisers really need to read up on the meaning of VIP before they decide to print and price their tickets. It is unfortunate and tantamount to stealing for someone to pay for a VIP ticket only to be mixed with ordinary ticket holders. Based on my experience and tales of others, on the ordinary ticket line is where you will find me because I know I will subsequently wind up in the VIP section. Oh by the way, this article is dedicated to those people who bought VIP ticket to Loyiso Gola’s show. I really would not spit sufficient venom in this piece because like I said I don't buy VIP tickets. The one I had was given to me, lucky it was free because Hell Hath No Fury like a Frustrated Brotha.


  1. Phenomenal Woman5 March 2014 at 06:12

    I have had the same experience and couldn't agree more! It is a horrendous extortion! Lol

    1. Phenomenal Woman the annoying thing is that they do not even apologise to the VIPs. Pure extortion, its criminal

  2. At a football match, VIP is the worst area to sit. On the other hand open wing is the worst, while grand stand gives you the best experience. The lesson here is that "middle class" if i may call it that is the best if you are attending an event.

    Recently when I attended the Juanita Bynum show at blessing center I had decided to buy VIP ticket near the stage and at the end of the show I felt the price I paid for the ticket was not worth the evening I endured.

    The whole evening, people that were "touched by the spirit more than others" kept standing in front and I had to stretch my head a countless number of times. In the end I spent the entire evening looking at the projected screen that was to my left in order to keep up with proceedings. The following morning I had pain on my neck. I couldn't help wonder that if I had sat a couple of roles behind I could have had a great view of the proceeding on the stage despite the presence of any persons standing beside the stage.