Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sorry Mwebantu, Mtumbi Has More Facebook Page Likes

Last week Friday 11 March 2016 Mwebantu achieved a milestone. They hit the 500,000 page likes of their Facebook page. To celebrate this achievement they put out a headline, 'Mwebantu leads in social media presence in Zambia, reaches half a millionlikes on facebook'. This headline received numerous congratulatory messages on Facebook, I too was proud of them for reaching this mark. However, someone forgot to tell Mwebantu that they are not the leader in this regard because there is at least one person ahead of them.

Mwebantu headline

It is ironic that Mwebantu who are a media outfit can make such a grave mistake. They are supposed to be the ones to double check their facts, make sure they put out accurate information and provide readers with information that is truthful. They should have known that Mtumbi Goma Photography page had well over 523,000 Facebook page likes at the time they made their claim. I am now well aware that many people have brought this to their attention and they have yet made a retraction of their claim, therefore this blog is here to set the record straight. Mwebantu News Media does NOT currently lead  social media presence in Zambia. Mtumbi Gome has more social media presence. I am quite cautious too to make the claim that Mtumbi Goma Photography leads social media presence in Zambia lest someone else pops up who has more page likes. There is a lesson perhaps for all to learn in Mwebantu's blunder.
Mtumbi Goma Photography Page as at 13/03/16 at 22:00 hours
Mwebantu Facebook Page as at 13/03/16 at 22:00 hours

The use of statements such as you are the best or first are best kept to the hip hop world who usually love making unfounded claims. Unless you can absolutely prove that you are the best or first then it is advisable to stay clear from such statements because you risk being put in your place. To prove that you are the best or the first you have to make sure that you have done your homework and are definitely sure there is no one above you.  You need to prove that you are the best or first by presenting evidence that can be in the form of numbers, accolades, recognition from third parties or other acceptable means. This task is usually difficult to accomplish therefore, if you are not sure whether you are the best or first it is a risk to put such a claim before products or services.

The fact is that Mwebantu made a major gaffe and it is only right that they should correct the inaccuracy that they represented. In a way I feel that they did an injustice to Mtumbi Goma Photography at the very least by claiming a lead that was not theirs in the first place. Mwebantu one day may well be the leader in social media presence but until then that lead is not theirs. I can safely say that I know someone who has more Facebook page likes and that is Mtumbi Goma Photography. Numbers do not lie after all.


  1. Thanks for this story.....i am actually looking for a site in Zambia that has many likes and you just shared with me

    1. Hi Brenda, you are welcome. Glad it could be helpful.

  2. Now am going to like their page...I don't think I follow them. Thanks for the information.

  3. Well that's embarrassing for a media outlet! I'm cringing on their behalf