Tuesday, 11 December 2012

ZNBC Can Do Something Right After All

 Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) has become synonymous with what bad television is. Despite the mandatory TV licences that we are made to pay, there seems to be very little difference that can be seen. We are subjected to the outdated programmes and even the programmes that the station innovates leave much to be desired. Apart from watching the Main News, ZNBC is losing its relevance in my life. The live broadcasts on most instances have bordered on embarrassing for a station that has been around for over 40 years. However, maybe just maybe ZNBC is beginning to turn the leaf.

 I am a firm believer in giving praise where it is due, and in hopes that the praise will be a motivating factor for better things to come. I am not talking about ZNBC finally showing movies and series that were actually produced in this decade, that day, we still wait to see. The improvement has been in the recent live broadcast of the Supreme Council of Sports in Africa Zone VI Games. The picture quality has been rather impressive. The camera men and women are finally doing a good job. This impressive live broadcast has been across the sporting disciplines- football, basketball, swimming, judo, and boxing among the multitude of sports. ZNBC claim that they invested around K12 billion to ensure that they deliver live broadcast of the game fit for a station of its status. I guess the money did make a difference

This new shift of ZNBC towards delivering excellent live broadcasting pictures has forced me to actually look forward to the games when they are on air. My only frustration is the commentators. Eish, those people are boring. If it wasn’t for the action, they would have been the perfect dosage for a sleeping pill. Surely, we have failed to find a replacement for the highly entertaining commentator Dennis Liwewe.  I am sure in the 13 million-plus Zambians, there should be some commentators worthy of the mic. Anyway until such a commentator comes along I just have to endure. I pray that ZNBC will continue towards the step of progress they have made and not go back to do what they do best, which is returning to television when it was 1970. In the meantime, bravo ZNBC for a job well done this time around, BRAVO!

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