Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 The Year in Frustration & Not So Frustrating Events

I have decided to hold onto releasing this list till the very last day of 2012. I was anticipating that something very frustrating would happen to cap my year off in style. Unfortunately, nothing of any grandiose proportion happened hence, we can safely sum up the year. I reckon we have already said our Goodbyes and Au revoirs to 2012. However, as a Frustrated Brotha I decided to reflect on a year that has been. So below are my top 10 events that marked my year of frustrations and others that tried to transform me into a more content brotha.

This is one show that we love to hate. The 2012 show was known for both voluntary evictions and expulsions due to physical altercations, one most prominent DKB slapping Zainab. This violence was not condoned by Big Brother and they were both booted out. And yes how could we forget the escapades of our very own Talia in the house.  I will still stick to my suggestion; they need to put some ex-prisoners in that house to add some real tension and drama. It is what we all want after all isn’t it?
As long as you own a mobile phone, I am sure you have been subjected to some pretty pathetic service by our network providers. In 2012, the mobile networks took customer careless services to another level. We had to endure congested networks, dropped signals, unreachable customer care, rude customer service operators, irritating promotions and the list is endless. Surely, the theme for 2012 was ‘The Year of Ultimate Sucking’. I fear what their 2013 theme is, I cringe at the thought. Vodacom please come to our rescue, I begg’O.
Who can forget the backlash that government had to endure when they announced the minimum wage for maids? People were almost jumping onto the streets protesting this unpopular move. Some threatened to fire their maids because they could not afford to pay the K525, 000. The sad part about all this was that these were people who blow that amount on a bottle of perfume or in a night binge drinking. It was absolutely ridiculous, the work that maids do was not appreciated and it was as if they were some feeling less machines. Gladly, the government did not badge to the threats and maids could finally smile.
This is a sex tape that bruised this Christian Nation’s image some claimed. The infamous Iris Kaingu guilty verdict and the fact that she spent a few days in jail were received with polarising views. One section of society was in jubilation claiming that it served her right while others claimed it was unfair justice. The amazing part about this court case is the debate of Zambia’s double standard Christian morality that was brought to the forefront of most discussion. People use that card whenever, it suits their situation or argument. I just hope that in 2013 we speak and protest everything un-Christian Nation and not being selective if that is the tag we want to have.
How many tears do we have to shed before this torture stops? I cannot stand it anymore; putting pathetic adverts on TV should be a crime against humanity. I mean surely save for a few adverts nearly all adverts on ZNBC, TV2 and Muvi TV have been devoid of creativity. The ads have been characterised with jingles, stupid jokes, childish speech and meaningless concepts. Somebody please put an end to this; I cannot take it no more.
Facebook forced me to get onto that lousy timeline after resisting to be on it for so long. Then I still kept adding friends I did not know, had to read peoples diaries on Facebook and then explain those embarrassing moments when you get tagged in an obscene picture. Yes, in as much as I love my Facebook it has added to my share of frustrations. Now I have to think twice about what I post on it due to the new privacy settings. Anyway some things we just have to accept because we are Facebook addicts after all.
When I first wrote this blog I never imagined that it would be the most popular blog I ever typed. It has been read nearly three times as much as the second most popular blog. It is also the blog I have received the most comments and questions on. Clearly based on this it deserves a spot on this list. It is satisfying to know the power of information and how enlightening that information can be. This is what this blog aims to do, sometimes of course.
I pray that may we never get tired of telling these stories and immune to listening to them. It is an utter shame and despicable that some men still choose to rob girl children of their innocence just to satisfy their devilish sexual appetites. Nearly every single week the press reports of a girl child who has been defiled. The most heart breaking issue is that many of the girls defiled are usually abused by their fathers, uncles, cousins and neighbours people who are supposed to protect them. If girls cannot be safe in their own homes where can they be safe? I hope that in 2013 more is done to sensitize girls who are abused to speak out and the perpetrators feel the wrath of the law. Castration wouldn’t be a bad idea.
Technically I should have made this number 1 but hey this blog is called Diary of a Frustrated Brotha so it just has to end on a frustrated note. The Chipolopolo victory at the 2012 AFCON was by far the happiest moment of the year for me. I cannot recall the last time I was engulfed by such a wave of jubilation. I will admit I had not expected much from the boys, however, they defied the odds and showed us that it doesn’t matter how big your Goliath is if you believe in yourself. We have been celebrating that win for the whole year and who can blame us. I reckon the only time that joy can be surpassed is by Chipolopolo winning the World Cup and may that be soon.
Yaba, do we need to say more about these chaps. I am even exhausted rooting for them to succeed but once again they showed us everything that an awards show is not supposed to be. It is as if the producers live in a cave and do not watch shows like the Grammys, Kora Awards, Channel O Awards and hey even the Ngoma Awards were better. One of the things I would love to lock, leave behind and throw away the key in 2012 the Born and Bred Awards would be one of them. Sadly, deep down in my heart I know they will be back again in 2013 with a bang! A bang of MEDIOCRITY! How is a Frustrated Brotha supposed to get happy like this?


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