Monday, 11 August 2014

Let Kaunda Rest, Thank You

Dr. Kenneth Kaunda Zambia’s first republican president, the father of the nation, the agogo, has been turned into a tourist attraction in recent years. The man turned 90 years old this year but if you look at his recent media schedule one would be mistaken to think he was 50. The man has lived almost his entire life in the spotlight and I think it is about time that he was allowed to live his life in peace. It is annoying that almost everyone who comes to Zambia, wants to pay a courtesy call on him, take pictures and make some overused rhetoric as justification. Well I think it is about time to let the first president be.

Dr. Kenneth  Kaunda- Zambia's first president

Since retirement from politics Kaunda has been constantly paraded around in a number of commercial adverts, opening ceremonies for events and buildings, he is the chancellor of Cavendish University Zambia, patron of Habitat for Humanity Zambia, and shakes hands with courtesy callers. Awe this is too much for the old man. If other people do not seem bothered by this, well I am. This week the Confederation of African Football (CAF) inspectors paid a courtesy call on the first president. Shouldn’t they be inspecting stadiums somewhere or learning how we make a chipombwa?



Organisations and individuals should not take advantage of him by making him endorse their products and projects. At the age of 90 years old even if the man can still swing a golf club, he no longer possesses the energy he did in his yester years. He has done his part for this country and continent, he has done his job. The individuals, who still feel the urge to meet him so they pay their respects, should find other means of doing so. They should visit the Freedom Statue or donate to his foundation.



What has been happening to Dr. Kenneth Kaunda is almost reminiscent to what used to happen to the late Nelson Mandela in his last few years. He was been used as an advertising and public relations tool. Someone wins Big Brother let’s go meet Madiba, someone raps a song let’s go meet Madiba, someone becomes president let’s go meet Madiba, someone wins an Oscar let’s go meet Madiba. Ala. Mandela even in his final months was flashed on our TV screens with the current South African president Jacob Zuma smiling. There was only a five-year difference between Kaunda and Mandela, so definitely Kaunda’s media runs must be taking their toll on him. I am not sure how much of say Kaunda actually does have on who visits him for a courtesy call or who uses his image for endorsements. I hope the people around him help him reduce his workload.



I think to put an end to these unnecessary courtesy calls and making Dr. Kenneth Kaunda a tourist attraction I would advise him to get five buttock-biting Dobermans. Anyone who wants to see him would have to go through them. If they succeed to get past the Dobermans then they are worthy to shake his hands.


  1. I agree the man's media schedule is even more robust than that of the current president. I can only imagine the toll its having on his health. It appears there is an agenda to turn KK into some sort of brand. Remember how his 90th birthday was so widely advertised that it was even beginning to rival mobile phone service providers'? His children should rally round the father and advise that some of these media footprints be reduced, if not entirely stopped.

    1. Hi Keith, the media schedule needs to be trimmed down. He does not need to cut out everything but some media is not required.

  2. Could it be that the man enjoys the attention?

  3. We'll never know if he's teh one attention seeking or others are making a mint off him. Either way, he looks well for a 90 year old man.

  4. Frustrated brotha, I also agree KK must be left to enjoy the life of quitness which he so much missed as a freedom fighter then as president and for some years as opposition leader.

    Even the nelson Mandela you mention did go under ground after retiring and especially after 2008 only appearing to the public sporadically. KK's schedule seems to full and like you mention, even businesses are using him for endorsements albeit in ways that seem not correct.